Comité d'action pour le Développement de la zone de Palmier (CADP)





Comité d'action pour le Développement de la zone de Palmier (CADP)

CADP is an organization representing 23 villages that have been negatively impacted by violent conflict in the Casamance region. CADP was created with the goal of mitigating the security threats posed by five rebel groups based in the area that are acting against the government. Since 2004, it has facilitated consultation among community members, rebels and government soldiers. During the elections of 2012, it worked with the local government to negotiate with the rebels to ensure peaceful elections.


Community Peace Dialogues

Purpose: To strengthen peaceful coexistence among 23 conflict-affected villages by organizing ten inter-village meetings with a focus on managing local tensions, building trust and alliances to engage with local warring factions; to organize four workshops on conflict management for community leaders; and to support ten community gatherings for reading the Koran and skill-building in market gardening for women and young people.

Project Grant Amount $15,000
Total Grants Received $25,000
Years Supported 2
Theme Civil and Political Rights
Population Served Farmers and fisherfolk, Men, Women, Youth