Afrique Enjeux (AFEX)





Afrique Enjeux (AFEX)

AFEX was created in 2002 to contribute to peacebuilding in the conflict-affected region of Casamance, Southern Senegal. Over the last 20 years, civil war in Southern Senegal, political instability in Guinea Bissau and extreme poverty in the Gambia caused population displacements across the three bordering states. Women and girls have been disproportionately affected by the protracted violence. AFEX empowers this population through advocacy, community dialogues, and poverty-reducing activities.


Reduction of Socio-Economic Vulnerability of Women and Peacebuilding

Purpose: To increase women's economic empowerment through literacy classes, a revolving loan program and trainings in innovative agricultural techniques and market gardening; and to promote peace in the border areas of southern Senegal and Guinea Bissau by networking with local allies and holding community-led advocacy campaigns.

Project Grant Amount $35,000
Total Grants Received $190,240
Years Supported 5
Theme Civil and Political Rights
Population Served Men, Women, Youth