West Africa Network for Peacebuilding Liberia (WANEP)





West Africa Network for Peacebuilding Liberia (WANEP)

WANEP is a member of the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding, the largest regional peacebuilding network in West Africa. Within the organization, a women's program was established in 2002 aimed at building the capacity of women in the area for active peace building, training, research, advocacy, negotiation, mediation, and psychosocial recovery programs.


Institutional Capacity Building

Purpose: To strengthen the institutional capacities of WANEP by developing a monitoring and evaluation system and documenting the stories of women peacemakers; and to provide a series of trainings in women's rights, advocacy and leadership skills to 15 women's groups.

Project Grant Amount $35,000
Total Grants Received $268,237
Years Supported 10
Theme Civil and Political Rights
Population Served Adolescent girls, Women, Youth