Il'laramatak Community Concerns (ICC)





Il'laramatak Community Concerns (ICC)

ICC was founded in September 2011 to promote the human rights of Massai pastoralist communities in Kenya, nomadic people who survive from grazing livestock in Kenya’s grasslands. Many pastoralist communities today suffer from extreme poverty due to frequent droughts and erratic rainfall and the ever decreasing size of land available for grazing. ICC works to restore the dignity and self sufficiency of this population by educating pastoralists about their human rights, advocating for them to be included in decisionmaking about land use, and defending their right to access grazing land and other natural resources. It also works with pastoralist women and girls, promoting their access to education and providing opportunities to develop leadership skills.


Defending Women's Land Rights

Purpose: To promote and defend indigenous women's land rights by educating communities about Kenya's new land bill, engaging in dialogue with large landowners and advocating for legal reforms.

Project Grant Amount $25,000
Total Grants Received $48,350
Years Supported 2
Theme Natural Resource Rights and Economic Justice
Population Served Indigenous peoples, Pastoralists, Women, Ethnic minorities, Farmers and fisherfolk