Friends of Lake Turkana (FoLT)





Friends of Lake Turkana (FoLT)

FoLT was formed to protest the construction of the Gibe III dam in southern Ethiopia, which is perceived to be a potential catastrophe for Lake Turkana and its people and likely to intensify conflict in the region. The organization's work has since broadened to champion local people's rights, undertake peace initiatives and implement homegrown solutions to both environmental and man-made concerns within the region.


Defending the Resource Rights of Lake Turkana Communities

Purpose: To advance the natural resource rights of Lake Turkana communities by advocating nationally and internationally against the Gibe 3 dam and advocating for local control over newly discovered oil resources.

Project Grant Amount $25,000
Total Grants Received $98,516
Years Supported 4
Theme Natural Resource Rights and Economic Justice
Population Served Ethnic minorities, Indigenous peoples