Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict



Democratic Republic of Congo


Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict

Established in 2001, Watchlist is a network of non-governmental organizations working to systematically monitor and report on violations of the security and rights of children in specific war zones and to use that information to ensure implementation of strong child protection programs and policies.


Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Children Affected by Armed Conflict in Eastern DRC

Purpose: To provide ongoing technical support, mentoring and training to AJWS grantee AJEDI-Ka on child protection and best practices in monitoring, reporting and responding to child rights violations in South Kivu, as part of a broader child protection initiative in eastern DRC; and to provide a sub-grant for AJEDI-Ka to support its monthly field monitoring visits, train child protection committees and provide emergency support to children in need of urgent assistance.

Project Grant Amount $30,000
Total Grants Received $200,000
Years Supported 9
Theme Civil and Political Rights
Population Served Adolescent girls, Youth