Aide et Action Pour la Paix (AAP)



Democratic Republic of Congo


Aide et Action Pour la Paix (AAP)

AAP was established in 2002 to promote the environmental rights of rural, conflict-affected communities and to reinforce local capacity to protect these rights. AAP sensitizes young people about the linkages between environmental rights and community peace development through community forums. These community forums provide a safe space through which youth can participate in a rural peace initiative, discuss HIV education, and promote youth clubs that improve understanding of the constitution, environmental laws and peace.


Reinforcing Local Peacebuilding

Purpose: To promote peaceful coexistence among IDPs, refugees and local residents by raising awareness about land and inheritance rights; organizing four consultative meetings with communities to strengthen conflict mediation over land; and developing and proposing a policy framework articulating communities' rights to land, forest and mineral resources for endorsement by local policymakers.

Project Grant Amount $35,000
Total Grants Received $211,798
Years Supported 8
Theme Natural Resource Rights and Economic Justice
Population Served Men, Refugees and IDPs, Women, Youth