Democratic Republic of Congo


Realizing human rights and ending poverty in Democratic Republic of Congo

Inspired by the Jewish commitment to justice, we support organizations working to overcome poverty and oppression. Our small, grassroots grantees are rooted in communities, where they empower local people to identify their most critical concerns and take action to address injustice. We also support groups that organize broader movements for social change, influencing governments and policymakers to respect and promote human rights.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, AJWS supports the provision of emergency aid and trauma relief to displaced communities, human rights defenders. We also promote post-conflict reconciliation and reconstruction by ensuring the participation of women and youth in the transition from conflict to peace.

Recent Projects in Democratic Republic of Congo

Aide et Action Pour la Paix (AAP)
Reinforcing Local Peacebuilding

Purpose: To promote peaceful coexistence among IDPs, refugees and local residents by raising awareness about land and inheritance rights; organizing four consultative meetings with communities to strengthen conflict mediation over land; and developing and proposing a policy framework articulating communities' rights to land, forest and mineral resources for endorsement by local policymakers.

Association des Jeunes pour le Developpement Integre-Kalundu (Ajedi-Ka)
Child Soldier Reintegration

Purpose: To prevent the recruitment of children into armed conflict by advocating for the application of child protection laws; to reintegrate former child soldiers through family reunification and vocational training; to offer medical and psychosocial care to girl survivors of sexual violence; and to provide administrative support to three youth-led groups and child protection committees.

Change Agents for Peace International (CAPI)
Change Agent Peace Program

Purpose: To strengthen peace and conflict transformation through trainings on documentation of human rights violations related to sexual and gender-based violence, land and reproductive rights, and by facilitating economic empowerment for women and ex-combatants.

Foyer de Développement pour l'Autopromotion des Pygmées et Indigènes Défavorisés (FDAPID)
Land Rights for the Indigenous Populations of Pygmies in North Kivu Province

Purpose: To protect the land tenure of Pygmy communities by convening two meetings with local and administrative authorities to discuss issues affecting land ownership by Pygmy people in two territories; identifying and mapping plots of land that traditionally belong to Pygmies; and advocating with local authoritizes to secure land titles for those who are displaced.

Ligue pour la Solidarité Congolaise (LSC)
Addressing Sexual Gender-Based Violence Through Video Advocacy

Purpose: To prevent sexual and gender-based violence and to bring perpetrators to justice, by collecting survivors' video testimonials, lobbying and organizing to change the social and cultural attitudes that undermine the rights of women and girls.

Solidarité des Femmes de Fizi pour le Bien-Etre Familial (SOFIBEF)
Women's Rights Through Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Prevention

Purpose: To address sexual and gender-based violence by advocating for the implementation of laws that protect women's rights, running radio ads on gender issues, providing psychosocial support to survivors of violence, and facilitating dialogues about women's inheritance and land rights.

SOS Sida
Improving Services for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Survivors

Purpose: To prevent and address sexual and gender-based violence by providing medical and psychosocial care to rural survivors and their partners, providing training on voluntary HIV testing and counseling, reporting sexual abuses and advocating with local authorities for the protection of women's rights.

Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict
Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Children Affected by Armed Conflict in Eastern DRC

Purpose: To provide ongoing technical support, mentoring and training to AJWS grantee AJEDI-Ka on child protection and best practices in monitoring, reporting and responding to child rights violations in South Kivu, as part of a broader child protection initiative in eastern DRC; and to provide a sub-grant for AJEDI-Ka to support its monthly field monitoring visits, train child protection committees and provide emergency support to children in need of urgent assistance.

Youth Actions on Human Rights (YAHRI)
Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights for Girls

Purpose: To promote the sexual health and reproductive rights of adolescent girls by providing information on family planning, facilitating sexual education and advocating for justice for girl survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.