Where We Work

Where We Work
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Our Goals

Advancing the Health and Rights of Women, Girls and LGBT People

We support women, girls and LGBT people so that they can stop violence and discrimination, gain control over their lives and bodies, and live in health, safety and dignity.

Promoting Recovery from Conflict and Oppression

We aid communities in their work to recover from conflict, fight oppression, speak out against injustice and create vibrant, peaceful societies that respect the rights of all citizens.

Defending Access to Food, Land and Livelihoods

We empower communities to protest exploitative development conducted without their consent and to protect the land, water and natural resources that they depend on for survival.

Aiding Communities After Disasters

From earthquakes to tsunamis to genocides, AJWS provides immediate humanitarian relief and stays the course with long-term support, focusing on building more just and equitable societies from the ground up.

AJWS recognizes the powerful potential of girls to effect social change in the developing world and is providing long-term support to grassroots organizations that focus on girls’ empowerment, providing girls with access to educational, health and economic resources.

AJWS joins the Girl Effect in its pursuit of the powerful social and economic change brought about when girls have the opportunity to participate.