From the Field: Uganda Study Tour Updates


Street Theater and Slums in Kampala
February 11, 2008

The drum beats began in an open space between the shacks, the rivulets of clay, the open sewers and the intensely hot sun. It was a call to all those in hearing that the show was about to begin...

A Day with Traditional Healers
February 13, 2008

Who would have thought that the future of modernization and better health in Uganda may be dependant on what we would call "witch doctors" but are better known here as traditional healers?

Of Mermaids and Prostitutes
February 14, 2008

Today was a day of many frustrations, of trying to come to grips with the enormity of the tasks, the sensation that every step forward is matched by back sliding, the deep anxiety that what we are doing does not make a real difference.

Hineh Ma Tov - How Good It Is
February 15, 2008

Sometimes it just all comes together. Shabbat was spent with the Abayudaya, the small community of Ugandan Jews who suffered terrible oppression under Idi Amin and are only now reviving.

February 18, 2008

Framed against the hills of eastern Uganda, our next AJWS partner project sets up office to welcome us. The grantee is UCOBAC, Uganda Community Based Association for Child Welfare. The office is an open field. Wooden benches and some over-stuffed chairs appear out of nowhere, and we sit down in the shade to hear testimony after testimony. We are witnesses to the power of one.

Genocide and Resistance
February 19, 2008

This morning, we began with Shira (Rabbi Shira Milgrom, one of the study tour’s scholars-in-residence) teaching us the first two chapters of Exodus, discussing how both genocide and resistance develop through history.

Daniel Dunn
March 27, 2008

Eric Joss
March 27, 2008

Sara Moore Litt
March 27, 2008