Global Circle Trip Program: FAQ


Thank you for your interest in AJWS’s Global Circle trip! Below you will find answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you have a question not addressed below, please contact

What are the goals of the Global Circle trip program?

Global Circle trips are designed for current and prospective Global Circle donors to learn about AJWS’s work in an immersive, meaningful way. It’s our hope that once you have had the opportunity to see how our grantmaking is changing lives in the developing world, you will return more committed to promoting global justice, a stronger advocate and financial supporter of AJWS and more engaged in issues of international human rights and social justice.

What does the price of the trip include?

The price includes accommodations, all meals and snacks, ground transportation, in-country flights, tour guides and admission to tourist attractions. The price does not include your international flight or gratuities.

Is a donation to AJWS included in the cost of the trip?

No. The fee reflects the actual costs to AJWS to operate the Global Circle trip. However, participants will be asked to make a contribution to AJWS upon their return and we hope the program will inspire you to increase your level of support.

What is an appropriate contribution to make to AJWS after participating in a Global Circle trip?

We strongly believe that once you have seen our work firsthand and met the people whose lives are improving because of your support, you will be inspired to give as generously as possible.

I am traveling alone. Why do I have to pay a “single supplement”?

The cost of each hotel room is based on double occupancy. When you travel alone, you bear the full cost of accommodations on your own, as prescribed by the hotel.

Can I be matched with a roommate to avoid the single supplement?

Upon request, we will do our best to match you with a roommate. However, these arrangements depend on other participants' willingness to share a room.

What are the standards of accommodations?

We stay in upscale accommodations, or the best hotel in the area.

Can you accommodate someone who keeps kosher?

Vegetarian options are offered at all meals. We are not able to offer certified-kosher food due to lack of availability in the countries we visit.

Will I have time to sightsee and shop on my own?

While most of our time is devoted to visiting AJWS’s grantees throughout the country and hearing from relevant speakers, we do visit some of the outstanding tourist attractions in each country. Additionally, Saturdays are free for you to select from optional activities or choose to spend the day on your own.

If I want to see more of the country or region, can I extend my trip?

Yes, you are free to plan additional travel prior to or after the program.

Is the tour physically demanding?

Global Circle trips are not strenuous, but do require mobility. We spend time walking around communities, but trips do not include hiking or prolonged periods of exertion. Participants should be able to withstand warm weather, and must have prior approval from a physician in order to travel with us.

Is it safe to travel to “X Country”?

We do everything we can to assure your trip abroad with us is a safe and pleasant one, including conducting scouting trips to countries we have not traveled to before and consulting with private travel safety and security experts. However, travel to the developing world always will have a certain degree of risk not found in travel to Western countries. You should consider your personal level of comfort carefully before choosing to join a Global Circle trip. We strongly recommend reviewing the US State Department, CIA, and Center for Disease Control’s recommendations for travelers prior to registering for your trip.

US State Department:
Center for Disease Control (CDC):

Can I go on a Global Circle trip if I have health problems?

Participation is contingent on your ability to be covered under AJWS’s international emergency medical and evacuation insurance policy. Age and health restrictions vary for each country. Please consult AJWS staff to confirm your eligibility prior to registering.

What are the health risks of traveling to a developing country?

The health risks vary by country, and can be minimized by taking the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommended vaccinations and medications for the particular region you will be visiting. (The CDC’s recommendations for travelers can be found online at Prior to traveling, you should take time to discuss the CDC’s recommendations with your health care provider, and you will need your physician’s written approval for you to participate on the trip.

What happens if I need medical care while traveling?

Your health and safety while abroad are our top priority. Before traveling on a Global Circle trip you will be required to either purchase an international medical policy or, show proof that your domestic insurance policy will cover you while abroad. Should a medical emergency arise whereby you need more care than is available in the country or region, you will be covered under AJWS’s emergency medical and evacuation policy.

What is the average age of participants?

Global Circle is comprised of young professionals in their mid-20s through early-40s.

How many people will be accepted onto the Global Circle trip?

Space is limited to ensure an intimate and immersive experience. Typically we accept 15-20 participants on each trip.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit for participants; however, AJWS would recommend an AJWS Study Tour for those older than mid-40s. Participation is contingent on your ability to be covered under AJWS’s international emergency medical and evacuation insurance policy, and age and health restrictions vary for each country. Please consult AJWS staff to confirm your eligibility prior to registering.

Can families with children go on a Global Circle trip?

Our standard Global Circle trips are not geared toward families traveling with young children. Occasionally special intergenerational trips are organized for families with children ages 13 and up. To find out if there is an upcoming intergenerational trip, please check