Group Leaders


All AJWS group service programs are led by two or three qualified and well-trained group leaders. Group leaders are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of program participants, facilitating their learning using the AJWS curriculum, promoting cross-cultural interactions with community members and overseeing the volunteer work project with the NGO's staff.

All group leaders hold a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification and attend an extensive group leader training before leading an AJWS program. They are selected in part for their ability to be attentive to the health and safety of participants, and to effectively handle difficult or emergency situations. Group leaders are generally at least twenty-five years of age.

AJWS group leaders come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, including but not limited to experiential or informal education, Jewish communal affairs, international development, social work and nonprofit management. AJWS strives to ensure that, within each two- or three-person group-leader team, there exists ample knowledge about Judaism, social justice and international development.

If you are interested in leading a group for AJWS, please contact John Cape at