San Francisco Bay Area Leaders: Preliminary Fellowship Schedule and Requirements


Preliminary Fellowship Schedule and Requirements

The following is a preliminary list of events, workshops, dates and fellowship commitments:

Orientation Programming

*Specific dates will be available shortly

  • Meet and Greet
  • November 6th (or 7th) - 3 hours
  • In-Person Gatherings
  • November 19th (or 20th) and January 12th (or 14th or 15th) – 3-4 hours each
  • International Human Rights Day
  • December 10th (optional)
  • Social Media Webinar
  • December 18th – 1 hour
  • Orientation Phone Call
  • January 22nd (or 23rd) – 1 hour
  • Educational Preparation (including short readings, video clips, and brief text studies done as individuals, in partner study, and/or web-based discussion)
  • Periodically, November to February

8-10 Day Experience in the Developing World

  • In-Person Orientation
  • February 16, 2014
  • Travel to Uganda
  • February 16–25, 2014

Post-Trip Engagement Activities

  • Lobby Days: Two Days of Training and Lobbying in Washington, D.C.
  • May 11–13, 2014
  • Four Post-Travel Workshops
  • All gatherings will take place in 2014 in the San Francisco Bay Area, exact dates TBD

Post-Trip Commitments

  • Organize local actions/events to mobilize support for AJWS’s advocacy campaign
  • (Minimum two events, organized as a group)
  • Engage in direct actions in service of AJWS’s campaign
  • Individual
  • Speak and/or write about your experience and AJWS’s campaign work
  • Individual