Los Angeles Global Justice Fellowship


Los Angeles Global Justice Fellowship

The application deadline for the 2013-2014 Los Angeles Global Justice Fellowship has recently closed. For information and to apply for the 2014-2015 Los Angeles Global Justice Fellowship, please click here.

Learn more about the 2013-2014 Fellows or continue reading below for information about what the 2013-2014 fellows experienced during their fellowship.

Program Details

  • Where: Los Angeles, with international travel component to Oaxaca, Mexico
  • When: Yearlong fellowship commences August 2013, with international travel component to Oaxaca, Mexico, November 10 – 19, 2013
  • Who: Leaders in the Los Angeles Jewish Community

Who is eligible to apply and participate in the Los Angeles Global Justice Fellowship?

  • All applicants must reside in the Los Angeles area and be able to participate in all components of the program including: all orientation programming, the entire 8-10 day experience in the developing world and all post-trip engagement.
  • Ideal applicants will:
  • Be interested in being part of a select delegation of Angelenos dedicated to global justice issues and working towards building awareness and support of AJWS and its mission in the Southern California region;
  • Currently work in the Jewish community with three or more years of leadership experience and/or demonstrate significant experience as a lay leader;
  • Have a strong desire to learn more about AJWS, advocacy and how U.S. citizens can impact global policies; and
  • Have desire and disposition for responsible travel in the developing world.

What is the structure of the yearlong program?

  • The LAGJF consists of three programmatic components that take place over the course of one year:
  • Orientation programming: A series of educational opportunities, both virtual and in-person, to build community among participants in the cohort, provide context to inform the field experience, set expectations for the year and introduce participants to AJWS’s campaign themes
  • 8-10 day experience in the developing world: An immersive experience in a community where AJWS works that emphasizes engagement with local experts, exposure to AJWS grantees, exploration of the impact of U.S. policy on developing world communities, and training in activism and leadership skills
  • Post-trip engagement: A series of workshops on organizing and leadership combined with individual- and group-based mentorship to maximize participants’ ability to lobby, mobilize others and engage in AJWS’s campaigns throughout the year
  • With support from AJWS staff, LAJDL participants will continue to be part of AJWS’s activist network. Through their ongoing activism and leadership in AJWS’s campaigns, they will help to strengthen and build our movement for global justice.

What is required of participants throughout the yearlong program?

  • Orientation Programming (*Specific dates will be available shortly)
  • Meet and Greet Early August
  • Two, Phone/Web Information Sessions Orientations Mid-August*, Mid-October*
  • LA-Based AJWS Grantee/Donor Event October*
  • Educational Preparation: This may include short readings, video clips, and brief text studies done as individuals, in partner study, and/or web-based discussion Periodically, August to November
  • 8-10 Day Experience in the Developing World
  • In-Person Orientation November 10
  • Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico November 10–19
  • Post-Trip Engagements
  • Meet the Change with Ruth Messinger: An exclusive session with the president of AJWS December 2013
  • DC Lobby Days: Spend two days training and lobbying in Washington D.C. May 11–13, 2014
  • Four Post-Travel, LA-Based Gatherings All gathering will take place in 2014, exact dates TBD
  • Post-Trip Commitments
  • Organize local actions/events related to AJWS’s campaign Two as a delegation
  • Engage in direct actions in service of AJWS’s campaign Each Participant
  • Speak and/or write about your experience and AJWS’s campaign work Each Participant

How does the Los Angeles Global Justice Fellowship fit into AJWS’s Vision and Theory of Change?

  • Inspired by Judaism’s commitment to justice, American Jewish World Service works to realize human rights and end poverty in the developing world. It does so through two key strategies: (1) making grants to grassroots organizations in 19 priority countries working to effect social change and (2) engaging, training, mobilizing and organizing the American Jewish community and its allies to actively support changes in U.S. policy that promote the human rights of marginalized people in the developing world. As a catalytic experience that affords its participants the opportunity to become the powerful activist leaders of AJWS’s campaigns, the LAGJF is a key programmatic tool in this second strategy.

Online Application

  • Thank you for your interest in the Los Angeles Global Justice Fellowship. The application deadline for the 2013-2014 program has passed.
  • For more information about engaging with AJWS in the Los Angeles area, please contact Jocelyn Berger at jberger@ajws.org or 310.843.9685.

The Global Justice Fellowship is made possible with the help of generous donations from:

Ziegler Family Trust