Political Advocacy


"Vision without action is merely a dream, action without vision is merely passing time, but action with vision can change the world."
—Nelson Mandela

As global citizens, we can educate ourselves about policies that have great impact on developing countries. We have particular power and privilege to affect these policies, and the ability to make a difference through political advocacy. Global justice advocates and engaged citizens can target their campaigns at senators, congressional representatives, the White House or executive agencies. They can also put pressure on the UN, the World Bank and other international decision makers.

So what can you do? One first step is to sign up for advocacy alerts from AJWS and like-minded organizations, which makes it easy to sign petitions, contact elected officials at key moments and generally stay informed. A second level of commitment is to take initiative to write letters and make phone calls about these issues on your own. A third is to become a leader who organizes others around you in these efforts. The more voices decision-makers hear, the more they will need to be accountable to these voices and promote laws and policies that will help, rather than hinder, communities in the Global South in their efforts for grassroots change.

Ideas and resources for your project:

Visit AJWS's Advocacy Page

Examples of AJWS volunteers' past projects:

  • Alumni in New York sent postcards about global justice issues to the newly-inaugurated President Obama asking him to make them a priority for the new administration.
  • A recently returned Volunteer Corps volunteer lobbied her congressperson on Capitol Hill about HIV/AIDS funding.