Learning about global issues and maintaining up-to-date knowledge about global justice topics is essential to conducting strong advocacy, thinking about how to allocate your tzedakah and communicating about these issues to others.

Ideas for further learning:

  • Sign up for classes on international development and global justice issues offered by your university.
  • Start a book club to read fiction and non-fiction on social justice topics with others.
  • Read AJWS e-mails, attend events in your area and recruit your friends and family to come too.

Examples of learning opportunities undertaken by past AJWS volunteers:

  • Julie, a past Alternative Breaks participant, gathered friends to attend a fundraiser to learn about how to support clean water issues in Central America.
  • Lauren and several AJWS alumni participated in "Justice and Jewish Thought," a 14-week study group from the AJWS-AVODAH Partnership in New York.
  • Joan, a Volunteer Corps alumna, was motivated by her assignment to learn more about hunger issues and subscribed to AJWS's food justice blog.

Resources for further learning: