Neta Fellowship


AJWS Welcomes it First Cohort of Neta Fellows

Meet the first cohort of Neta Fellows and learn about the exciting programs they are pursuing in their communities this year.

About the Neta Fellowship

As part of AJWS’s commitment to the growth of our alumni and their commitment to global justice as a pillar of American Jewish life, we are thrilled to announce the Neta Fellowship for alumni of our RSD and YRD programs.

The Neta Fellowship supports alumni who are working within Jewish institutions to develop the Jewish community’s ability to create a just and equitable world where human rights are universally recognized; where poverty, discrimination and violence no longer exist and where individuals are free to flourish and live their lives with dignity.

This fellowship, which is made possible thanks to the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust, supports Neta Fellows, who are working to make their communities more just actors in the local, national and international arenas.

The Hebrew word Neta נטע can refer to both a small plant and to the act of planting. Like a sapling, these projects will be relatively small, but we hope that by nurturing them now, they will grow and help make justice a central concern of the American Jewish community.

The prophet Isaiah (5:7) says that the Divine lovingly cares for the Jewish people as one cares a vineyard נטע שעשועיו and hopes it will be a place of justice and equity. So too do we hope that this fellowship will lead to the further development of the Jewish community as a place of justice and equity for all people.