5775 Reading .The Time is Right: Act in Esther's Footsteps to Stop Injustice
5774 Commentary .Purim by Former Congressman Barney Frank
Drawing inspiration from the Purim story to defend the rights of LGBT people around the world.
5773 Commentary .Purim by Nancy K. Kaufman
Reflecting on the feminist role models of Vashti and Esther and contemporary women leaders
5772 Commentary .Purim by Richard M. Joel
Reflecting on Purim’s message to partner with God to build a better world
5771 Commentary .Purim by Rabbi Sharon Brous
Exploring the cognitive dissonance between catastrophe and celebration on Purim
Text Study .Purim Supplementary Resource
Text Study .Purim
5770 Commentary .Purim by Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld
Exploring humility and hope in the story of Purim
5769 Commentary .Purim by Rabbi B. Elka Abrahamson
Pairing the rowdiness of Purim with the call for attention and reflection in our pursuit of justice
Reading .Purim Reading
A call to use our powers to change a tomorrow of grief and mourning to one of festive joy
5768 Commentary .Purim by Rabbi Laura Geller
Exploring the message of Purim as a call to "remember our own hurt, but to act to repair the world…not to take revenge"