5775 Reading .Chanukah Reading
A reflection on experiencing vulnerability and visibility as we work to build a better world
5775 Commentary .Chanukah by Congressman Eliot Engel
5774 Commentary .Chanukah by Rabbi Steve Greenberg
An exploration of Chanukah that encourages us to bring more light into the world by breaking the habits that prevent us from noticing the poor and taking action to reduce poverty and injustice.
Reading .Got Gelt?
A conversation about giving in this season of receiving
5773 Commentary .Chanukah by Dr. Jonathan D. Sarna
Examining the history of Chanukah to help us rededicate ourselves to the causes and issues that matter to us
5772 Commentary .Chanukah by Idit Klein
Proclaiming our identities and challenging invisibility
5771 Reading .Chanukah Reading
A kavannah to be read before opening gifts on Chanukah
5771 Commentary .Chanukah by Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg
Using our courage and faith to bring about our own miracles today
Text Study .Chanukah Supplemental Resources
A supplementary resource that explores the fine line between working towards shared global values and imposing cultural values on those we seek to help
Text Study .Chanukah
Using Chanukah to explore the conflicts and tensions that accompany globalization and development
5770 Commentary .Chanukah by Rabbi Michael Paley
Telling the real story of Chanukah and asking how much we should reject and accept the culture in which we live
5769 Reading .Chanukah Reading
Imagining ourselves as bearers of light on Chanukah
5769 Commentary .Chanukah by Rabbi Rachel Cowan
Reflecting on the role of spirituality in our work for justice
5768 Commentary .Chanukah by Rabbi David Ellenson
Merging the particularistic aspects of our Jewish tradition with more universalistic commitments and obligations