Education for All


AJWS believes that universal access to education is a basic human right. While traditional Jewish commitment to education has most often been framed in terms of Torah study, Jews have always recognized the deep link between literacy and social and economic empowerment.

AJWS’s support for universal access to education is a reflection of this legacy. Improving access to education is essential in any effort to effect positive social, economic and political change. Education and literacy provide access to livelihoods, health information, technology and political processes; they facilitate social exchange and collective action and enable disempowered individuals and communities to enter global conversations.

Access to education is at the heart of the Jewish values that inspire the work of AJWS. Education is necessary to liberate people from struggle and suffering, to support their pursuit of social and economic justice and to secure the dignity and well-being of all human beings.

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Online The Basic Education Coalition is a group of 20 development organizations working to increase knowledge about, raise the priority of and increase support for quality basic education for all as a means of promoting economic development and human well-being. The Global Campaign for Education promotes education as a basic human right and mobilizes public pressure on governments and the international community to fulfill their promises to provide free, compulsory public basic education for all people, in particular, children, women and other disadvantaged segments of society.