The obligation to pursue justice is at the heart of Jewish tradition. In the face of terrible poverty, epidemic disease, violence and human rights violations around the world, how should American Jews interpret and respond to that obligation? How can our texts and traditions offer us wisdom and inspire us to act? And how should we see our choices—as Jewish voters, consumers, educators, volunteers and givers of tzedakah—as integrally connected to the lives of people all around the world?

AJWS's educational programs encourage critical thinking about global issues and promote meaningful and active engagement by American Jews in the pursuit of justice.

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The Publications page offers divrei Torah (Torah commentaries), holiday readings, articles and book chapters on Jewish global citizenship and related topics.

The Educational Resources page offers support and guidance designed to help educators and lay leaders facilitate substantive and meaningful Jewish social justice programs for a variety of settings.

The Topics in Global Justice page offers resources and information about a variety of global justice issues.

The Holidays page brings together publications and educational resources for each holiday of the Jewish calendar year, offering a variety of ways to connect the Jewish holidays to global issues.

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