Just Aid - Foreign Assistance Reform Quiz


Test your knowledge! Your tax dollars are being spent on international development assistance – but how much do you really know about how the United States government is spending your money?

Approximately what percentage of U.S. national income is spent on international development assistance?

  • While the U.S. has consistently been the world’s largest donor in terms of total dollar amount, when aid is measured as a share of donor income the most generous countries are Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden. The U.S. is one of the smallest donors by this measure. The internationally agreed upon target amount for development assistance is 0.7%, so we still have a long way to go...

The U.S. has a comprehensive strategy for pursuing its development goals.

  • The answer is a definitive “no.” There isn’t even one department responsible for directing all foreign assistance programs! This job is shared between multiple government agencies, which makes for inefficiency, waste, lack of coordination and a whole host of other challenges.

What year did the existing Foreign Assistance Act come into existence?

  • That’s right – the Foreign Assistance Act is nearly 50 years old! It was created as part of a Cold War program to curtail the growth of communism and promote development in some of the globe’s poorest countries. Well, the Cold War is long gone… so it’s high time we did something about this dusty legislation too!

How many of the top ten recipients of U.S. development assistance in 2008 were among the world’s poorest countries?

  • Just two - Ethiopia and Democratic Republic of Congo. Interestingly – but not surprisingly – more than half of U.S. foreign aid goes to just six countries, all of them allies in the so-called “war on terror” or the “war on drugs.” The remaining money is shared between nearly 100 other countries.

AJWS believes that Foreign Assistance Reform is a good idea because:

  • Need we say more?! Stay tuned for more information from AJWS on how you can get involved in fighting global poverty by helping to reform our international development assistance “system!”