Take action: Ideas for you and your community

In a world of plenty, no-one should have to go hungry. Here are some very simple and practical ways you can get involved in Fighting Hunger from the Ground Up and help end global hunger in our lifetime.  

Take Immediate Action Against Hunger

Support Foreign Assistance Reform

The current U.S. system of foreign assistance sends a large percentage of aid in the form of American-grown food rather than cash and training for local farmers. Sending food to impoverished nations is not a sustainable way to fight hunger. Educate yourself about the issues and join AJWS in advocating for "Just Aid" today.

Longer Term Actions

Change What and How You Buy

Buy "fair trade." Free trade policies overwhelmingly benefit wealthy nations and multi-national corporations over small-scale farmers. When a product is "fair trade," it means that it was produced using equitable business terms and sustainable and environmentally-friendly production techniques.

Better Beans is a partnership between American Jewish World Service and Equal Exchange More that allows our congregations and community organizations to buy top-quality coffee beans and chocolate while supporting the efforts of small growers and cooperatives in the developing world.

These farmers often struggle to compete in a global production and distribution system that favors larger growers and multinational corporations. Better Beans exists to create a global market for these farmers and to provide them with access to the financial resources they need to operate without being exploited. In addition to supporting indigenous farming co-ops, a portion of every pound of coffee or chocolate purchased through Better Beans supports AJWS's Fighting Hunger from the Ground Up campaign.


There's no better way to learn about the complex challenges communities face in fighting poverty and hunger. A textured understanding of hunger's root causes will make you a better advocate and also show people in the developing world that they have global support. AJWS offers programs for teens and adults of all ages to make a difference in people's lives and become true voices for change.

Let us know what you and your community are doing to fight hunger by tweeting about it or sending us an e-mail at ajws@ajws.org!

For Rabbis and Educators

Explore our High Holiday Resources.

Print out our beautiful From the Ground Up poster and display it in your building, or e-mail us to request posters for your community.

Visit On1foot.org, AJWS's online database of Jewish social justice texts for additional texts and resources about hunger.