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The Rabbinical Students' Delegation (RSD) is an integral part of AJWS's commitment to creating an inter-denominational network of rabbinical students and rabbis dedicated to global justice. Over a 10- to 14-day period, 25 students from across the spectrum of rabbinical seminaries live and work alongside AJWS grantees, grapple with Jewish texts and theology and experience grassroots development firsthand.

The most recent delegation traveled to Senegal in June 2009. The following essays, from participants in the previous delegation to Yucatan, Mexico, in January, explore how the experience of being in the field with AJWS is transforming the lives and practices of the next generation of rabbis:

Forever a kibbutz laborer at heart, I wanted to participate in creating something new, in aiding a community as it pushed itself to flourish. But after spending a week in the small village of Muchucuxcah, about a three-hour drive south from Cancun, I found that the giving was reciprocal and not one-way.

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When reflecting on my AJWS Rabbinical Students' Delegation to the Mayan village of Muchucuxcah in Yucatan, Mexico, I don't just think about the community of like-minded rabbinical leaders I've built or the knowledge and resources I've gained to be a leader in the Jewish social justice world.

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