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Six out of ten of the world's poorest people are women and girls. In many parts of the developing world, women are not afforded the same rights and opportunities as men. They are unable to own property, obtain gainful employment or even pursue an equal education. And too often they are threatened with violence.

But gender inequality affects more than women and girls themselves. It impacts entire countries, creating greater poverty and weaker governance. Yet when given the opportunity, women and girls build better lives for themselves and their communities. Research shows that women in developing countries are more likely than men to use their income for food, health care and education for their children—all of which help lift families and communities out of poverty.

U.S. development dollars and polices have worldwide influence, and therefore should be used to address and remedy gender disparities. AJWS views gender as a cross-cutting issue, critical to eradicating poverty and building civil society. We advocate to ensure that gender is taken into account in both the design and implementation of U.S. development policy and that the needs—and voices—of women and girls are given their due consideration.

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